Connectivity lost using Microsoft keyboard and mouse (usb)

My keyboard continues to disconnect when it is not in use - while searching on the web or waiting for a command to run in the terminal it will “time out” disconnect. I have searched many videos and forums and tried all the “fixes” but it continues to occur. Any suggestions aside from getting a wired key board? The separate mouse and number pad continue to work but the keyboard will lose connectivity until I take the batteries out and put them back in - I am surprised the keyboard is working so well for me to type this up.


While I fear i won’t be able to provide any real help - What model is it and what distribution are you using? And how far from your PC are you?

I have used a few wireless keyboards - on Ubuntu Mint.
My first was an Accuratus Toughball2 - the keyboard was hit and miss, but the trackball was good
I’ve had a few cheap keyboard and mouse pads which actually worked quite well but were let down by their build quality
And i currently, use a Logitech k400+ which is good on batteries and works well.

All of these were always used about 2m away, with the dongle at the rear. I got better reliable performance but moving the dongle to a USB extender (positioning it away from PC and monitor)

How old is you keyboard? It may be that newer models are just better!