convert file format ogg to wma

Can somebody tell me how to convert file format ogg to wma so that i can play downloaded music on my phone

If you are using Ubuntu…

First install the pacpl package:

sudo apt-get install pacpl

then create a folder in your home folder called OGGtoWMA, and put all the .ogg files you want to convert in it.

then, in a terminal run:

pacpl -t wma ~/OGGtoWMA/*.ogg

the OGGtoWMA folder will now contain both the original .ogg files AND the new .wma files.

you can convert files one at a time with
pacpl -t wma /path/to/file/filename.ogg

or (once installed) see the manpage for further details

man pacpl

or the pacpl homepage:
(if available, install it from your distro’s repositories rather than downloading it directly from their site… that way all dependencies will be installed for you)