Converting oggs to mps3-SOLVED

I want to converts oggs to mp3s, so I can put them on my mp3 player. Every time I copy CDs onto my laptop they are oggs- why wont they save as mp3s? This is a right pain in the…

Hi Melissa

What software are you using to copy the CD’s ?


You can convert the files effortlessly with soundconverter
If you have not got it installed already the get it like this:

sudo apt-get install soundconverter

Then look in the menu under Multimedia (or similar)
Check under Preferences that the Format is set to MP3 under Type of Result?

As for the ripping of CDs, I tend to use Asunder mainly because it can produce output in multiple formats (all at the same time), just make sure under Preferences the option is ticked for MP3.
You can install it with:

sudo apt-get install asunder

Then also look in the menu under Multimedia (or similar)

My sound converter of choice is Sound Juicer and i remember suggesting it to Melissa some time ago when she was looking for a program to rip CD’s but if my memory serves me right I’m sure she settled on Audacious or Audacity, but I wanted to be sure what she was using first :slight_smile:


Yes, I used to use Sound Juicer, but since I discovered Asunder I got hooked on converting to multiple formats simultaneously.
I normally use the OGG and MP3 outputs (I have an MP3 player which only plays MP3s).

Yep, Asunder is my tool of choice too, I used to use Sound Juicer which is less of a resource hog than Asunder + quicker but doesn’t have such good CDDB lookup support.

Thanks very much guys for the advice there. Yes, I did ask this before, but I forgot and couldn’t find the post. Well, I found a converter online that works. Also I discovered that Audacity converts MPEG videos to mp3s (that I have got from you tube)- Audacity rocks!
The software I have for music are: Asunder CD ripper, Audacity and Brasero ( to put mp3 music files from the laptop onto CD).
I might try soundconverter also- thanks SeZo!
I am currently cataloguing and organising my music collection!
I am happy with oggs if I am not gonna put them onto a CD or share them with a Microsoft user.
You know, now that I have got the hang of these software this is much easier (and faster) than when I created CDs etc on Microsoft!