Cool things to do with the site ...

Ok, here’s a thread for people wanting to post cools things for the Forums, feel free to add stuff you consider ‘neat’ as / if / when you find it. Here’s my tip of the day, how to post Youtube content into posts …

  1. Visit Youtube and locate your video
  2. Copy the URL
  3. Paste it into your forum post
  4. Click on the Post button

That’s it … here’s sample!

Novell Linux - Apple Ad Spoof (1st)

You might like this one, although I guess you’ve already seen it?:

Mass effect 2 (possible spoiler)

Mass Effect 2 - Newton’s Law in Space (HQ)

and, just because it had lol’ing when I got to it (poss spoiler)

Mass Effect 2 - Mordin the Singing Salarian

Yeah … reasons why I didn’t quite finish ME-I … ::slight_smile:

You didn’t finish ME-1?! It was awesome! It’s one of the few games that have a half-decent storyline behind them…

Mmm, storyline was great … it was all just a little … repetitive. Well, Ok, more than a little … the bit where you have to fight a whole bunch of psychic warriors (and their ‘queen’) in an enclosed space … I forget how many times I had to attempt it but somehow I think I managed to get there ‘too early’ in the game and my characters were heavily under-equipped … and I was trapped in so there was no way back … and the auto-save seemed to have lost a pre-chamber instance so I couldn’t back out. Anyway, it ran to three figures before I got lucky.

I think I got to the point where I’d returned to the space station and some sort of disaster had befallen it … and I started looking around for clues … and couldn’t find any, so I eventually got bored and quit.

It’s worth sticking with it. Can be repetitive in points, but the story isn’t bad. Has to be one of the best RPGs I’ve played in a long time. Worth taking your time over, doing a number of the side-quests, they help give you backstory, some of it.

Lego Felt Tip Pen Printer WITH Driver…

Lego Hello World

My brother took this photo:

Where was that taken?