Could this be the making of the Steambox.

Further to MP’s prediction of the Xbox One failure…

Steam are currently running a beta of “Steam family Sharing”:

Which will effectively allow you to authorise other people to be able to “borrow” your games … game saves, steam achievements, etc. will be applied to THEIR Steam account (you do NOT have to trust them with your account details).

Like lending someone a game on DVD, you can’t play the game at the same time (if the primary account starts playing the game, the authorised sharer will be told their game will stop in 5 mins, then they’ll be kicked off.

One of the major concerns about the Xbox One is that game sharing will no longer be possible … see the “3, Used Games” section here:

So whilst Microsoft are more and more trying to tie down it’s console users in the same way they tried with Windows … Steam seem to be opening up a bit in a more sensible way.

The SteamBox is looking more enticing as a viable alternative by the minute :slight_smile:

Problem with the Steambox, is (what will be) the ridiculous RRP. I saw a review of one of the “beta” Steamboxes, which the review completely dismantled, revealing that the TRADE price of the components was about $1400! Now, I’m sure Valve would get a deal with hardware suppliers, but I struggle to see how they can get it down to £500 retail price.

For me, I’m more excited for the development of Big Picture mode, and nVivia development, so that I can put 2 & 2 together and stick my rig in the living room and hook it up via HDMI to my TV. Coupled with a couple of wireless Xbox controllers (assuming Linux drivers exist…?), maybe a wireless keyboard & mouse, and I don’t see how I can go wrong :slight_smile:

I’m gonna guess that would be a high end steambox … but like PC’s there will be many versions of Steambox with different specs … I’m also willing tgo bet Valve will be doing a TON of deals with free games, etc. to get them going.