Couldn't log in

Anybody else have a problem logging in.?

Tried several times with my usual password had to change it in the end via reset.

No problem here (Peppermint 4 32bit)

But it might help if you mention your distro/version/architecture :wink:

logging in to what?

this site?

or did you mean

your distro?

Ah, yeah … what he said :wink:

No problem loggin in here either … just in case.

Ok, so now you have (rightly) taken the ‘Mick’.
I have had to change the password ON THIS SITE. I couldn’t log on. Checked the usual keyboard errors.
Peppermint 4.
Ah! Maybe it’s PM4. Might have to change to Ubuntu. :wink:

lol…what does the ‘mick’ mean…is that some sort of Aussie thing?

No, it’s an Cockney/English/British thing…


never heard of that