Currys/PCWorld refuse warranty if Linux is installed even as dual boot

Seems Currys/PCWorld are refusing to fix PC’s under warranty if Linux has been installed … even if it’s a hardware fault.


$%^&ing ridiculous, and I’d wager illegal ::slight_smile: >:( ::slight_smile:

Well, I don’t think the software is warrantied anyway (they just ghost a fresh image on). If you go to them with a busted Windows install, they don’t have the skills/access/inclination to repair it, they’ll just wipe it and start over (maybe charge you to make backups before they do, if you don’t have your own). If it’s a hardware fault, I can’t see that the OS makes a difference. I guess they could declare their policy in their warranty T&Cs, but I’d assume that there is a legal limit of what they can exclude (i.e. they can’t include a line that says “we will never repair or replace any equipment” in the middle)

If I were stung by that, I’d see them in court.

If it is a hardware problem then they have no grounds to refuse a replacement.

A new computer is not warranted by them but by the makers. Suspect if you contact the maker they would give them a rocket as they are only the agent in this respect.

Oh well…Thats PCWorld added to my blacklist.

There is no shortage of computer shops. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I think they would find themselves in breach of the European Union Consumer Rights laws and directives

Which clearly state that they MUST replace them if they are faulty … and they have to prove they weren’t (which IMHO would be impossible with electronics)

But what really gets up my nose is that they even think they can dictate your choice of software ::slight_smile:

I get the feeling they’d try to use something like this:

to say Linux can “cause” hardware failure.

2 problems with that argument:-

a) The Samsung UEFI bug could also be triggered with Windows:

b) Software (including drivers) should NEVER be able to kill hardware … if it can, it’s ALWAYS the hardware that’s at fault.
(incorrect firmware flashing aside … which is OS independent anyway … and there’s an argument that even this is a hardware fault, if the hardware allows the wrong firmware to be written to it)

Yeah … though it’s been ages anyway since I darkened their doorway … I’m with Jocklad, PCWorld is now blacklisted for being stupid (or rather MORE stupid than I thought they were … which is a quite impressive feat in its own right)


]Yeah .. though it's been ages anyway since I darkened their doorway .. I'm with Jocklad, PCWorld is now blacklisted for being stupid (or rather MORE stupid than I thought they were .. which is a quite impressive feat in its own right)


Another reason not to buy anything with Windows on it, I would have thought? ::slight_smile:


The problem with not wanting to buy anything with windows on it is that most if not all Laptops and notebook computers (new) bought in the main High Street retailers comes with an OS pre-installed.

The average Jo public is not looking for a computer without an OS they may not even know what an OS is.

You get Windows pushed every time your turn on a TV program in the UK.

Not true, I’ve seen a couple of TV programmes where the PCs are clearly running a non-Windows OS…

Novatech (used to) sell a machine without any OS, not sure if you could buy a Chromebook and wipe it too (that’s what I did with my Acer Aspire One, goodbye Linpus!)

Hi chemicalfan,
Novatech still do bare machines. :wink: It is what I use :wink:
I wouldn’t consider any other option now (unless Mark would build me the ultimate Linux machine and service it free on a regular basis and allow me to sit back and observe my navel) :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

take care
Don W
PS My sig shows my machine, less than £300 :slight_smile: