Damn it, think it's busted now.

The desk top was on stand by last night when we had a power cut. When the power came back it fired OK.
After I had gone to bed it happened again but when I got up this morning the fan was howling but no output.
I shut it down and re started but it just sits there howling with no output, doesn’t even show the bios boot screen and logo, nothing.
Any ideas?

Could be the PSU, they tend to sacrifice themselves if there’s a power surge (get a surge protector, they’re only a fiver!!).
Could also be the motherboard, or maybe even the CPU or RAM :frowning:

Have you tried checking the monitor cable is still plugged in? Easy fixes first!

I once had a problem like that and completely killing the power to the PC for 30 secs (pulling the power lead) then plugging it back in brought it back I’ve no idea why but it worked on that occasion, no harm trying

Good luck


Try what Emegra suggested

power off
remove ALL power (battery and power lead)
wait for a short while
press the power button (to discharge any remaining power)
plug the power lead (and battery if it’s a laptop) back in
power on

Well slap me with a kipper and call me Nancy.
Once again this forum is a winner.
Thanx Emegra and Mark.
Just one question though. What the Hel is that all about?
What was wrong and why did that work?

What was wrong and why did that work?

I’ve no idea Nancy :slight_smile:

Glad you got it going


Can’t give you a definitive answer either, just seen it happen many times.

I can only assume somehow the BIOS gets confused, and will stay confused as long as it has power.

My desktop PC does it occasionally, usually after a forced hard power off … next time it just fires up with all fans running flat out and nothing else, I can’t even turn it off with the power button, it has to be switched off at the wall … then it fires up just fine.

Seen the same thing in MANY laptops … obviously you also need to remove the battery in those too.

To tell the truth I’ve made quite a bit of money removing the battery from a laptop, hitting the power button, putting the battery back in and calling them fixed :wink:

Makes you wonder how many laptops have been binned doesn’t it…