I am self employed and would like a database for my work contacts, what equipment they have, when service’s are due and what parts are required etc. It will only be run on the office network (1 pc and 2 laptops). Is there any software available that is easy to use and what is it.
Also is it possible to have the laptop automatically update the main pc (when connected to the network) with office doc’s that have been changed or created during the day?

There is a databse application that’s part of the LibreOffice suite (LibreOffice Base), but it’s not installed by default.

To install it:

sudo apt-get install libreoffice-base

There are multiple ways of syncing folders
rsync would probably be most command line junkies favorite

Personally if all the PC’s have internet connections and there isn’t going to be tons of data, I’d use Dropbox (or Ubuntu One) to keep the “local” dropbox folders synchronised.

Watch this:

Dropbox will also work across Linux/Windows/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android

I think you get 2GB for free.

I have down loaded the LibreOffice Base and it looks simalar to MS Access, I could not get that to do what I wanted ( mainley becouse I dont know how) but I amgiving this one a go to see how I get on with it.


Are you sure you need a full databes app … or would something more like a personal organizer be more what you’re after ?

Take a look at qorganizer:

It can be installed with

sudo apt-get install qorganizer

There are other PIM apps, such as Kontact … but be aware, Kontact is a KDE app so will need to install a lot of dependencies in Ubuntu.