Debian 11

I am considering running Debian 11 on a desktop.

The desktop will typically be used for office work. A lot of email uses Outlook on the Web, running on Microsoft’s
Exchange Server. Microsoft’s Teams software is also used.

It is very important that the system is stable. Debian 11 is a fairly new release.

If you have experience in running Debian 11, how stable have you found it ?

Debian 11 would be run with the AMD Ryzen 5 5600x CPU.


I have run into a few upgrade issues with Deb11, but that%u2019s only upgrading thinGs like HomeAssistant, because dependancies no longer exist. It%u2019s holing me back from upgrading to 11.

If you we talking serverand demand reliability, i%u2019d recommend any of the RedHat source re-builds; like Oracle Linux and the others have started up since CentOS changed (and is no longer in that list). The balance is functionality - you%u2019ll be tied to older software versions - but may be able to add extra repos to bypass that - although that risks the stability i guess! But if you require rock-solid build and potentially zero downtime, that%u2019s my personal recommendation.

But a dedktop - I would go for any of the LTS editions - i%u2019m not sure if Deb11 is - the LTS will give you (again) stability over newer features, but also longer support when compared with non-lts editions.

If you look at - that will give you a list of the main software with versions.

It may be worth you keeping a list of what you install, because it should be easy enough to swap or reinstall%u2026. There are ways to automate builds - I just wish i had time to look into those myself :wink:

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Perhaps somebody else has hands on experiance with 11?

Many thanks for the reply.

To be clearer :-

I have already been running the mentioned Microsoft items on Debian Jessie.

I now wish to update my Linux desktop to use Debian 11 as Jessie is a very outdated distribution.

I just wanted to know about people’s experience in running Debian 11 with regard to it’s stability.


I have been running Devuan Chimaera which is basically Debian Bullseye (11) without systemd since October 2021 on my main desktop and slightly longer on my old laptop with no stability problems at all. In fact the updates have been very quiet of late.
The upgrade from Devuan Beowulf (Debian 10 Buster) went without a hitch as well but that is a lot more recent than Debian Jessie that you are running.
Although you should note that I do not run any of the software that you list.

[Gazz - thanks for your PM. I can’t change the text from bold to normal either. I’ll look into it.