Debian 6

I wonder how Ubuntu will look with this under the Bonnet?

Ubuntu is based on the “unstable” or “testing” branches of Debian… so tends to be ahead(?) of the current Debian “stable” edition anyway.

For a simplified idea of what Ubuntu do, see here:

Effectively when putting together a new Ubuntu release they initially import from the Debian “unstable” or “testing” branches, then aprox 9 weeks prior to release, they “lock down” and stop getting updates from the Debian branches, add their own changes, and from that point on they just spit’n’polish and bug fix until the final release.

Oh, forgot to add… In new releases 11.04 onwards, after they “lock down” and test/tweak… they’ll then proceed to screw everything up with such modifications as Unity etc.

For more info on the different Debian “branches”, see here:

As you can see, Debian “Squeeze” has now become the “stable” edition… “Unstable” will now become “Testing” and given a new name… and “Experimental”, will become “Unstable” (aka. sid)

So Ubuntu was ALREADY based on either “Squeeze” (aka. Debian 6) or “Sid”, and will now probably be based on the new “unstable” and “testing” branches.

Very interesting. thanks for the explanation.