Debian to use Xfce as its standard desktop

Developer Joey Hess, a member of the Debian Installer Team, has made a change to the tasksel Debian component that is used during the installation of Debian; the modification causes the software to install Xfce instead of GNOME as the distribution’s standard desktop. Shortly afterwards, another modification defined Lightdm as the default log-in manager, replacing GNOME’s GDM. Unless the developers have second thoughts, these modifications, which were made over a week ago, will affect Debian 7.0 (Wheezy), which is currently in development.

gnome must be in a mess if debian give up on you :cry:

Debian are giving up on GNOME because it’s becoming HEAVY on system resources, and also all the politics between Canonical and the GNOME devs.

What has politics between Canonical and Gnome got to do with Debian ? … not to mention they seem to be getting on better now.

I suppose it’s always a fine line to walk … Features < -----> Weight … problem is, once you add features, people start to moan that things are getting heavy, but if you remove any features, they moan that you’re dumbing down, the only way round that is not to add new features but then you’re standing still and not “innovating”.
(Example - people are moaning at Gnome about the loss of a couple of features in Nautilus … then switch to Xfce with Thunar … what’s that all about ::slight_smile: )

Gnome are getting it from all sides, and I don’t think they deserve it … this all started with the Gnome “Shell”, granted maybe a mistake, but easily changeable … IMHO the real damage was done by people running off at the mouth without considering Gnome is MUCH more than just a shell … yes Linus, I’m looking at you too.

I’ll probably regret that as my next kernel update explodes :slight_smile:

(can I add that Linus bitched about Gnome 2 when it first came out, and from what I read now uses the Gnome shell … the dudes as fickle as I am, god bless him :slight_smile: ) <— Nice save ?

Debian would find it very difficult to give up on Gnome, even if they wanted to … Xfce (and LXDE) still uses a LOT of Gnome libraries/tools/etc. … and as far as I’m aware the only reason Debian gave for the switch to Xfce as the default desktop, was purely so you could get it up and running from a single CD (CD #1), the rest is just pure speculation by the anti-Gnome mouth offs … so without direct quotes from Debian, please don’t help give this drivel legs :wink:

It’s kind of pointless to say Gnome would be in a mess if Debian give up on them … it would probably be more accurate (at least in the short term) to say, EVERYONE would be in a mess if Gnome gave up on them.

If (and I repeat IF) Gnome are in trouble, stop and consider how much worse off Linux as a whole would be without them … at least Xfce and LXDE wouldn’t work … so as Gnome are MUCH more than a desktop “shell”, please don’t help the anti-Gnome drivel spread, and show them your support even if you hate the Gnome 3 “shell” … here’s a personal plea - show Gnome the respect they deserve for their hard work and accomplishments, so they can long continue to attract new developers and release great Linux libraries/tools/apps/DE’s/etc. :slight_smile:

I for one probably wouldn’t have got “into” Linux in the first place, if it weren’t for Gnome.
(though that in itself might be a reason for some people to hate Gnome :wink: )

Hug a Gnome today.

i posted the report not to have a go at gnome but show how people are “kicking it when it’s down” it is very sad whats going on and like most people gnome was my first love (as far as a linux desktop goes )
the GNU Network Object Model Environment was and still is far better than Microsoft’s OLE and imho streets ahead of kde (remember the near civil war in that fraternity over kde 4)
xfce and lxde are nice enough but it’s still gnome for me
there always the old cde now its open source or even better use a window manager like openbox (crux & crunchbang) if you want lightweight you could try things such as a tiling window manager , like wmii or Ratpoison .
all i hope is to see big footprints on my desktop for years to come. :frowning:

can i get off my soapbox now? ;D

Okey dokey … you may stand down :slight_smile:

I’m actually quite amazed by the how inflexible and bitchy the Linux world is being towards Gnome … I’ve said this before, but only one distro “got” Gnome 3 … Mint … they were the only ones that saw it as the opportunity it was meant to be.

Gnome 3 was never meant to be a completely “use as is” desktop, as with Gnome 2 it was meant as a starting point for third party developers to add to.

They said the Gnome 2 code base was all tangled up with patches on patches … changing one little thing invariably broke a few others … so the code base needed refreshing … I can’t argue with that, I’m no programmer, but I suppose they should know.

So they bring out Gnome 3, and decided to go with a touchscreen oriented default “shell” (which BTW the rest of the world has followed, and was missing in Gnome 2), but knowing everyone wouldn’t like it they included the option to switch to “Classic” … then they said here is the untangled code base, go have fun improving it (as you did with Gnome 2) … improve whichever shell you want, or even add your own shell … but only Linux Mint saw it as the opportunity it was meant to be (kind of) and started adding to and improving the “Classic” shell into Cinnamon … everyone else just bitched it wasn’t Gnome 2.

Stop being ungrateful children and stamping your feet … go make it what you want … it was never supposed to be the final configuration to be used by everyone “as is”.

Seems to me the Linux developer community have lost the drive to accept the challenge of picking something up and improving it (which was what was meant to happen), and instead decided to bitch that it wasn’t as they wanted it “out of the box” … pity really, I thought that was what made Linux great, or did I get that wrong ?

OK, I’m not a programmer, but I haven’t heard anyone particularly bitching about the Gnome 3 code base, just the “shell” … it’s a “shell” for f**k sake, change it … you were meant to get creative, you remember “creative” don’t you ?

Well done Linux Mint for being the only ones that saw it as a creative opportunity, picked it up, and set about turning it into what they wanted with Cinnamon … shame on you everyone else.

IMHO, their big mistake was making the touchscreen style shell the default … if they’d made the “Classic” shell the default, think third party devs would have immediately started improving it (as Mint have) … the touchscreen shell should have been the option, rather than the default … but how lazy of the distro builders and developers is that, when they can’t even be bothered to switch to “Classic”.

makes a banner “IT’S NOT HELL USING GNOME SHELL” :wink:

My point was, developers and users were free to hate the default shell … but why get bitchy with Gnome 3 as a whole … switch shell, make your own, turn it into what you want it to be … you were meant to … as ONLY Linux Mint have.

And what happened to the “creative spirit” the Linux devs were known for ?

I’m also amazed that if other distros are now looking at Cinnamon as an option … why are Gnome still getting it in the neck … that’s what was MEANT to happen, for christ sake ::slight_smile:

Mint are getting a lot of glory for adding a few tweaks to a shell produced by Gnome, whilst Gnome are being slagged off for producing the starting point for Cinnamon in the first place … I just don’t get it ???

Now I’ll step down from my soapbox :wink:

this has turned into speakers corner with our soapbox in such use :wink:

Well, I suppose that’s what the “General Discussion” forum is for :slight_smile:

If you can’t rant in “General Discussion”, the world my as well end now.

You are hereby sentenced to silence in the General Discussion section of this forum. The subject matter of Gnome 3 / Gnome Shell is now forbidden at being brought up.

Case dismissed.