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Hello friends,

i am planning to make clean install on laptop. I want to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, however, i am thinking to take a detour.
I would like to make this install using mini.iso. So that i can install whichever Desktop Environment i want.

I am thinking to install Deepin. Also, along with it i general which other tools do i require? I want to keep my Ubuntu as pure as possible so that i can use it for applications that ask for Ubuntu 14.04.


I thought Deepin was already Ubuntu based and used the Ubuntu repos ?

Is there a question in this topic ? … are you looking for advice n how to install the deepin desktop environment (DDE) in Ubuntu ?

maybe this’ll help:

though I can see no benefit of adding the DDE to Ubuntu over just installing Deepin (?)

Yeah… sorry i was looking for advice… However, i decided to bail on that idea. I will install good old Ubuntu or Xubuntu.

I just want sheer Ubuntu but better looking :smiley:

Ubuntu but better looking … Mint / Elementary / Peppermint / a million others :wink:

There are a TON of Ubuntu based distros that have access to the Ubuntu software repositories and can install any software for Ubuntu … and “better looking” than Ubuntu’s Unity covers pretty much everything :o

Even KDE? :stuck_out_tongue:

Even Gnome Shell :o

I just think that not only is Unity’s layout daft (the whole “new desktop metaphor” thing), but it’s futt bugly too.

i had Kubuntu but i frankly feel it was a bit too resource hungry… Also i do like the simplicity in an Ubuntu flavor. I did start with 12.04 which had unity as default i added xfce to it. That was ok. Then i went Kubuntu i didn’t like it. Then now i have Gnome Ubuntu but yet i feel i should get something else. I think i like keep dancing around with different… i can do this with distros :smiley: easily :smiley:

Peppermint 5 :wink:

Today was going through list of videos on YouTube, which is YouTube recommends. I watched a video called Fuck Linux and I agreed to Linux Help Guy, that a unified a good interface would be a nice helpful way similar to Windows way. So, i will install Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS the way it is default and will install themes from

Further, i got thinking about what linux help guy said… and it made me feel sad…

He misses the point. The point of Linux is that you have choice, choice of distro, desktop, file manager, software, theme etc.

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