deleted file

I have accidentally deleted a folder!!! I cant find the recycle bin, Can anyone help me recover it??

Ok, under Gnome the trash can is under;


Assuming it’s not in here, if you were using a network drive/USB key, you can look for a .trash hidden file, but it it’s really been deleted, it’s gone!
(the ‘undelete’ functionality you see is provided by the GUI/desktop, it’s not a feature of underlying Linux or the Linux filesystem)

Thanks for your reply
I cant find a .trash hidden file…am i searching right? On my home screen I have a search box in the right hand corner, is this where I should be searching from?
If yes when I do the search it gives me a drop down of options of where to search ie file system, desktop, user. Which should I use?
When I did a search for .local/share/Trash/files it came up with a warning saying, The search results may be invalid. There were errors while performing this search. and & show more details.
What am I doing wrong?

Easy answer;

Start a terminal session

cd .local/share/Trash/files ls

Im sorry but your taking to Mrs thick!!
How do I start a terminal session?
What is a terminal session?

SORRY TALKING TO MRS THINK :stuck_out_tongue:

I am working on a Acer Aspire one, does that make any difference?? dont laugh pls

Menus:: Applications → Accessories → Terminal

To access the Trash in Linpus Lite

  1. On the 4-Panel Home Screen, open My Files or My Documents under Files.

2a) Press Ctrl+T to display the file tree in the side pane and click Trash


2b) In the address bar where it starts My Disk:/// replace it with trash:///

  1. The trash folder should now be displayed.