deleting win 7 partition

My laptop has duel partition, win 7 and peppermint 5.

even my wife never uses the win partition, so I’m zapping it and putting linux lite in its place.

I installed Linux Lite on my netbook, that was running so slow, I hadn’t used it for ages, then after installing Linux Lite it almost flies. (and the wife loves it)

So, I know how to get rid of win7 and replace with linux lite,
BUT, is there any unexpected pitfalls, totally zapping win7?

Looking forward to being " windowless again" ;D


Not that I can think of … might be best to MANUALLY stipulate where to put Linux Lite as opposed to letting their installer do it for you.

I know the version of Ubiquity that Ubuntu put it 14.04 had some weird behavioural anomalies … choosing to “replace” an OS on a dual boot PC actually meant “wipe the ENTIRE hard drive” which caught a lot of people out (previous versions were clearer in the language used).

Thanks for the reply,
if I run into any problems, I know where to come :slight_smile:

To remove a Windows partition… (I’d do it this way)

as root or sudo

mkfs.ext4 /dev/xxx

where xxx is the Windows partition


sudo update-grub

Job done.

That removes Windows and replaces it with an ext4 formatted partition. You’ll probably need to chown it to get write permissions.
sudo chown -R USERNAME /dev/xxx
The -R is supposed to be uppercase. Replace USERNAME with your username.