Dell 1501 wireless card

How do I get my wireless card to work?

Can you open a terminal and enter:

sudo lshw -C network

hit enter, and your password when asked … the post the output from that command back here.

whats a termial?

It’s a command shell, where your enter command syntax’s and you receive outputs from those commands. You’ll find it in older version of Ubuntu by going to Applications > Accessories > Terminal and on newer version of Ubuntu 11.04 or greater by typing into the dash “terminal”.

ok, I found it, now how do I copy the output, so that I can paste it here?

Just drag your mouse from the end of the output to where you entered the command. Then right-click > copy.

Yup, same way as you’d copy any other text :slight_smile: … insert cursor at beginning, hold left mouse button and drag to the end (so the text is highlighted), then right-click on it and select copy

then right-click in here and select paste.