Dell 860 Poweredge (1U)

Good working order, been running Linux for many years with no problems.

o 2.4G Quad Core Intel Processor, supports KVM
o 8Gb RAM
o 2 x 500G HDD
o 3 x 1Gb NIC (2 onboard, 1 expansion)
o DVD player (low profile)

Anyone want to make me an offer before I stick it on eBay?

Will quite happily run a dozen VM’s, decommissioned a year ago thinking it was faulty, as it turns out it just needed it’s memory re-seating after it was moved between DC’s. Not a current processor, but still fairly Linux server with PXE boot, IPMI, serial console etc etc. Sufficiently new that it doesn’t do an ongoing windtunnel impression and you ‘could’ run this at home without going totally deaf.

Can supply with Ubuntu pre-installed or blank …

(4800 bogomips / core, hdparm gives 3.6G/sec cached, 134M/sec uncached)

Any chance you can provide a rough guide price ?

It’ll be going up on eBay @ £100 … :slight_smile: