Dell E5420

Hi Mark,
Well the laptop I bought for my Grandaughter has arrived, it looks good and boots up straight away to Windows 7. It is a Dell E5420, as you suggested might be a good buy, so here are the first of my questions to move forward:

  1. Can I assume that this laptop will boot from a USB stick?
  2. if so presumably go to the Peppermint website and download the Peppermint 8 image.
    I am proposing to replace the Windows 7 with Peppermint 8 as I know nowt about Windows now ( not used since XP), unless you suggest otherwise, as I am always concerned re Viruses etc when using Windows.
    Look forward to your advice on this matter, so can get cracking with this little project.

Many thanks in advance,


  1. Absolutely it will boot from a LiveUSB … in either UEFI or Legacy BIOS mode
    (I’d suggest getting 64bit Peppermint 8 and booting in UEFI mode to install)

To boot a LiveUSB on these Dell E series laptop - Plug in the LiveUSB … turn ON the laptop … as soon as you see the Dell logo, hit the F12 key … you will be offered the boot device selection screen … use the arrow keys to select the USB stick, and hit enter to boot from it.

  1. Yep, get the Peppermint 8 64bit ISO from here:

and let me know which OS you’re going to be using to create the LiveUSB … and we’ll take it from there.


If you’re ever planning on selling this laptop, now would be the time to upgrade it to Windows 10 (before they stop allowing it for free) … once you’ve done that we can extract the Win10 key and write it down, then replace Windows 10 with Peppermint. As long as you have the Windows 10 key you can always reinstall Win10 (or Win7) legally in the future.

If you don’t do this now, you may be limited to Windows 7 in the future and that’s becoming harder to find a clean copy of, whereas Win10 can be downloaded for free directly from Microsoft easily.

That said if you’re 100% sure you’re never going to want Windows back on the thing you can skip this…


Thank you, Mark.
I will download the iso image and then get back to you for further information.


Okay my friend :slight_smile:

BTW, there’s a tutorial on using Rufus (in Windows) to write the ISO to a USB stick here:,4350.0.html

If you’re going to be creating the LiveUSB in Linux, let me know.

Ok, so I have downloaded the ISO image using the Windows 7 laptop and also downloaded the Rufus prog to create a bootable USB stick.
I will work through the tutorial you mentioned and create the USB stick tomorrow, then will get back to you at that point.


Okey dokey Degsy … see ya tomorrow then :slight_smile:

Ok, have prepared the USB stick and booted it to live mode on the E5420, just a couple of observations, first of all I had to use F2 to be able to change the boot order to USB drive and in the live mode noticed that there was an American flag in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
What is the best way to proceed as I have decided that I will just load Peppermint 8 and get rid of Windows all together?

Many thanks in advance,

Okay simple then, just boot to the LiveUSB, click the “Install Peppermint” icon on the desktop … and when asked, choose erase windows and use the entire disk"

The American flag will change to a Union Jack once you select the UK keyboard as part of the installation.

Pleased to say that all went well with the install, very happy with this, will no doubt have further questions in due course. Will now get on with installing some of the required applications.
Thanks again, Mark for your help.


You’re welcome Degsy :slight_smile:

Quick question - Is the wireless light flashing incessantly ?
(this was the only annoying thing with mine, but it’s easily fixed … that said, they don’t all have the same wireless card, so it may not affect yours)

No Mark, it doesnt flash on this machine, so no problem with that at all.
All going well so far, have installed a few applications my Grandaughter will need and no problems.


Great stuff, one less job to do then :slight_smile: … not that it’s a difficult fix anyway.