Dell laptop -which distro?

My mother gave me her old Dell Inspiron (Mini 1110) laptop as she got a new laptop. It runs on Windows 7 and the system specs are: 2.00 GB RAM, 64 bit, Intel ( R) CPU 743 1.30 GHZ.

I say “run” but nothing actually happens on it. When she told me it was slow she wasn’t exaggerating!
It connected to my internet, but it won’t load up Google or Firefox, in fact no applications on it load up except for the system specs on “computer.”

It doesn’t even recognise the mouse!

What do you think is wrong with it guys? And can this be solved so I can load a Linux distro on it?

I have Peppermint and a couple of others that a colleague gave me when he tried to load them onto the old laptop I used to have working on Peppermint 3.

can this be solved so I can load a Linux distro on it?

Try a LiveCD? (It will run slower than an actual install.)

Well I think it has malware on it. I just did a system restore in safe mode and only the msn home page on Explorer loads up and I can’t access any site out of MSN. It still doesn’t recognise the mouse.

It has no DVD/CD drawer- I need to get an external one.

I would be surprised if it is not able to boot from a USB stick, it would be worth to try it.

The distros I have are on ROMS SeZo, so I need to get an external CD drive first.

ROM’s ?

Do you mean ISO images ? … these can be written to a USB stick as well as a CD/DVD

I meant CD ROMS. I had to look up what an ISO image was lol. But as the laptop won’t run any applications I don’t see how I could load a Linux distro on it.

If you have access to another PC you could download a Linux distro (ISO) and burn it to a USB stick … you can then boot from that USB stick either to a working Linux desktop running from the USB stick, or use the USB stick to install/reinstall Linux.

I’ve got the Mint netbook but how would I be able to do anything on the Windows Dell laptop if it does nowt?
It doesn’t even recognise the mouse!

Because these are probably software issues with Windows itself … so you can simply replace Windows with Linux.

First let’s get a LiveUSB created in your other topic.

Ok thanks Mark.