Dell Poweredge 1950

Ok, I have six of these, I think they all have 2 x 75GB … 15K RPM disks …

They’re sat on my Windowsill obscuring the sunlight … if anyone’s interested and would like more details / to make an offer on some or all of them, please let me know, otherwise they’re headed for the 99p section on eBay …

… last seen in action around 4 years ago, all seem to have Windows 2003 Server licenses attached …
… as far as I’m aware they should all be working fine …

Ok, here’s the extended spec, turns out they’re a little nicer than I thought;

o 2 Processors @ around 2GHz, each processor is 4 core with virtualisation (i.e. runs KVM)
o 4GB of RAM
o 2 x 73G Disks @ 15K RPM
o 1U rack mount form factor
o Integrated hardware RAID controller with battery backup
o Single DVD drive
o Serial Console support

Comes with clean Ubuntu server installed.
Sat in storage for the last 4 years, but dusty but spent previous 1-2 years running reliably.
Offers around £50 + delivery (or free collection?)