Dell SC1425's (selection) [gone]

All in reasonable nick, various configurations including single CPU / core, single CPU/dual core and dual CPU / dual core … mostly 2.8G Xeon CPU’s . .variety of disks and memory (which can be re-arranged …)

Open to offers … will supply with Ubuntu server pre-installed …

One of these boxes now runs :slight_smile:

I guess he’s happy with it then? :slight_smile:

Does he want another ?? :wink:

If they had the cash for it, it’d be helpful, but they don’t :frowning:
I’d love to split web and db, but there we go

:frowning: … I can do a special offer if you want to collect it from Cheltenham, SC1425, 2.8G Xeon, 2G RAM, random HDD, £25 + VAT :slight_smile: