Desktop hardware configuration Linux Mint Cinnamon & Blender


I am completely new to Linux. I wanted to buy a desktop computer mainly to run Blender. I was leaning towards Linux Mint Cinnamon.

My local computer assembler guy has never installed or ran Mint or Blender. So he wanted to know if anyone can confirm if the following desktop hardware configuration would work:

Intel G4560 7th gen 3.5Ghz
Motherboard Chipset Intel H110- HDMI
Video Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce GT1030 2Gb DDR5

I know this is a simple configuration but it’s what fits my budget. More expensive choices do not, so it’s useless to tell me to go buy other more expensive components.

The main question for me is if this hardware configuration will run Linux Mint Cinnamon and Blender without problems, if anyone has ever done it before…


The CPU should be fine

The motherboard chipset … probably, but it would help if you could name the motherboard make/model ?

Graphics card … whilst I have no personal experience, phoronix suggest yes with the 381 driver or later

RAM is irrelevant :slight_smile:

All in all I’d say yes … there’s very little by way of PC hardware that doesn’t “just work” these days … some peripherals might be a different matter though.

BTW, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply! The guy had said he usually works with ASRock or Gigabyte. I suppose you need more specifics about the model?

As for peripherals, all I need is a mouse/keyboard, Wi-Fi and a working USB port. Hopefully there is one model of each that will work! :slight_smile: Or not?

W"hen I said peripherals, I was really thinking of some of the odder/less mainstream stuff like some barcode scanners and the like … nut it never hurts to do your homework about other more general peripherals too … for example MOST printers and wireless adapters now work, but for a long time they didn’t.

There are still a few flatbed scanners with Windows only drivers/software … such as some of the Canon’s

Keyboards and mice shouldn’t be a problem … some extra functionality such as media keys, and programmable keys/mouse buttons may require Windows only software but for basic functionality I haven’t come across a mouse/keyboard that doesn’t work yet.

USB ports are going to be fine … including USB 3.0

Wireless … this may be where you need to check for Linux support before buying … most will “just work”, some will need a bit of work to get going, and a few won’t work at all. So it might be best to post the specific model you’re thinking of before buying.

I’d be 99% sure you’ll have no problem with the motherboard … but if you can supply the exact model I could possibly be more specific.

I guess what I’m trying to say is - Though most stuff now works in Linux, it can’t hurt to ask before buying … which is precisely what you’re doing :slight_smile: