Desktop icons and applications

I would love to be able to plug my Maxtor portable HD with my music on or pop a CD in the laptop Peppermint 3 and the icons to come up on the desktop- why don’t they? When I plug the Maxtor into my Dell mint netbook the icon pops up immediately on the desktop.

I’m afraid that’s not possible (or at least not easily) … the LXDE desktop is controlled by PCManFM (file manager) which doesn’t support monitoring of the /media directory for mounts becoming available … all PCManFM does if reflect what’s contained in your ~/Desktop directory.

One of the “bells and whistles” you get with heavier desktops … but Peppermint is meant to be “light” … if bells and whistles are what you require, then Mint may be a better option :wink:

Oh I see- that’s why it does on Dell netbook. Still not got that new HD put in- not had the money to pay the LUG guys or the PC man. But it’s working brill even on it’s small SSD.
Hey one thing I noticed about it Mark is that the netbook screen is so much brighter than this old laptop. I kind of got used to a dimmer screen- is there a way to make the netbook screen simmer- less glare? It is very white! But the upside is that it is very crystal clear.
I also got some googly eyes that follow my cursor on Dell Mint!

Are there no brightness keys … USUALLY a second function of some other key on the keyboard, and usually signified with symbol of a “filled in” sun for brighten, and a hollow sun for dim.


On my acer aspire one, I’d hit
Fn+Left Arrow = Brighten
Fn+Right Arrow = Dim

But the keys may be different on your dell netbook (may be on the “F” keys)

Ok thanks Mark next time I put the Dell on I will have a look.

Still not got that new HD put in- not had the money to pay the LUG guys or the PC man.

If you’re anywhere near Birmingham, or can get here, I’ll sort it out for you for free.

You’re very kind, thank you, but I live in Liverpool- rather far. My Dad is giving me money for my winter heating, so I ought to be able to sort the money out in a couple of months as I will be working again soon (still part time agency though- it’s bad up here!) so won’t have to spend it all on my greedy gas card meter! I want to keep my bookmarks and re install Mint after as it suits this netbook- at LUG they were talking about cloning my system and re installing after the new HD is put in by PC man ( he isn’t Linux savvy)- but wouldn’t it be easier to just save my bookmarks and folders on the Maxtor, install Mint fresh and then add my bookmarks and folders? I haven’t a lot of folders on here- most is on the Maxtor and I aim to be doing more on Box one day.

at LUG they were talking about cloning my system and re installing after the new HD is put in by PC man ( he isn't Linux savvy)- but wouldn't it be easier to just save my bookmarks and folders on the Maxtor, install Mint fresh and then add my bookmarks and folders?

Cloning would be the best option, that way you would just carry on where you just left off, but saving your Bookmarks (provided you use Firefox) would be trivial.
In fact you could do that now. Just open the file manager into your home folder, then press CTRL+H to display the hidden files.
Then just copy the .mozilla/firefox folder onto your Maxtor.
Check that the contents are on the Maxtor.
Afterwards just press CTRL+H to hide the hidden folders and files

Thanks SeZo- is cloning tricky or easier than re installing a new Mint?

Both are just as easy … but for cloning, you’ll need some way of attaching both drives to the machine at the same time … so if this is a laptop, you’d (temporarily) need a USB HDD enclosure.

Would love to come up to Liverpool at some point. I want to visit the U-Boat museum up there.
But alas, I’m not working at all at the moment so cannot afford the journey.

I’ve come to realise that a single small hard drive with content on a removeable drive is a better solution than having a massive hard drive with everything on it. (Having the home folder on a seperate partition helps, as root can be reinstalled easily without wiping anything you don’t want to lose. But you’re still vulnerable to hard drive failure).
By using a small hard drive, plus content on a removeable drive, when things go wrong, a quick backup of the relevant hidden folders plus a fresh install is a quicker solution than spending hours or days trawling for clues on forums and waiting for answers to questions. But this is very much the lazy person’s guide to system administration and leads to little in the way of new knowledge. That may or may not bother you. Personally, I find that complex command line stuff doesn’t remain in my memory - which seems to work, in my case, on a strict ‘use it or lose it’ basis. Time was that I used the grub bootloader with no grub config file, I knew the entries by heart and typed each line manually. Then I switched to Lilo for a year or so and now cannot remember any of the grub stuff (not helped by the change to grub2, which broke just about every rule of good design and engineering by adding unnecessary complexity). If a system that used 3 lines of code read from a single config file worked perfectly, replacing it with more lines of code, reading from several config files is not an improvement, it’s a degradation. But then many distros seem to be currently saddled with bad designers and confused ideologues.
Anyway, lest I sink to pointless ranting…

You lost me on the last two posts there guys- I will have to go to the next LUG meeting and beg for them to sort it
I wouldn’t have a clue but those guys do.

Unless you have some method of attaching both the new and old hard drives to the PC at the same time … you CANNOT clone the drive.

So a fresh install is your only option.

Unless of course the guysd at the LUG have an external hard drive enclosure they can use for the cloning operation.

Make sense now ?

Yes, they might do as they seem to know all sorts of things at the meetings. Those presentations and talks they do at LUG are well over my head!

Tell them you have trouble with some of it … they’ll help … if they didn’t want to help, they wouldn’t be there.

Eventually it will all start to make sense … then you can help the latest new member …as it’s too easy to forget how confusing it all is at first.

Yeah it’s getting the time to ask them as they have lots to discuss!

Just shout … SUDO LISTEN … and they’ll be compelled :slight_smile: