Desktop Sticky Notes vanish (Resolved)

In 11.4 I used a program called Gonme Sticky Notes they were posted on my desktop (classic) since moving to 11.10 (Clasic) they have vanished.

The program still seems to be in the file system is there any way to get it back.

What’s the issue -

missing sticky notes panel applet ?
the application won’t start ?
the notes won’t display on the desktop ?

I’ll go take a looksee …

All three are missing no panel applet the notes do not display on desktop so I presume the application has not started.

Everything is still listed in the file system.

I’ll test it as soon as I’m at my main PC (Ubuntu 11.10), and get back to you :slight_smile:


Item sorted as I found out that you have to push Alt key and right click top panel to add Apps to the panel.

Was able to install missing apps and the nots repapered on my desktop.

Ooops … I should have mentioned the “Alt+RightClick” panel thingy in Gnome 3 :-[

Glad you got it sorted though …

BTW, thanks for marking the topic (Resolved) :slight_smile: