Did I mention how much I hate Win8 ?

Did I mention how much I hate Win8 ?

Currently having to update a bunch of new Win8 PC’s … 918mb of updates (first round, so there may be more) on each PC before I can upgrade to 8.1 and get the start button back for some semblance of desktop sanity … wonder how big the 8.1 upgrade is gonna be :o

918mb (plus) for christ sake … how long has Win8 been out ?


Forgot to mention, that’s just Windows updates NOT application updates, and doesn’t include “optional” updates ::slight_smile:

Did I mention how much I hate Win8 ?

In all the time I’ve been a member of this forum I have never known you to express a dislike for any Microsoft operating system, this is indeed a revelation :o


Oh … OK … I’ll try to be more expressive about it in future :wink:

Actually it seems you’re not alone, only this morning I was browsing some websites/forums about Win XP ending in April and what it will mean for Linux and Win 8 is almost universally disliked, there are thousands of small businesses still running XP and refusing point blank to upgrade to it

should be interesting to see what unfolds :slight_smile:


Well if I remember correctly 918mb was pretty much the size of a fresh XP install (before updates) :o

What the hell was so wrong with Win8 that it needs pretty much totally replacing already (and that’s not including the 8.1 fixes) … I find this speaks volumes.

And now I know … the Win8 → Win8.1 upgrade is a 3.7gb download ::slight_smile:

3.7 gb?!

And to think my first PC only had a 1GB hard drive :frowning: lol. Windows 95 only took like 50MB and was miles better than their latest offerings haha. And with only 8MB RAM!

What’s the betting there are more updates when this finishes installing ?

I have still never used Windows 8…I have heard a lot of negative about it though

but then every O/S Windows puts out has a negative affect till it sinks in that this is reality…and people accept it…lol

True, but Win8 is just “£$%&ed up”.


now I am curious and want to get it…lol

heh :slight_smile: … have fun.

Struth!,now I feel really old! :-.…a 1Gb HDD ?? - my first PC had two floppies, no HDD!, and 384Kb of RAM! - I remember upgrading it to 640K, and thinking it was really quick! :-[

as for 3.7Gb for an “upgrade”, i think the term is “bloatware” - how completely and utterly ridiculous :o

Bloody hell Sim, that beats me - I’ve always known a 640k world!
Along with the hell of it not being enough, and the world being slow to adopt EMS/XMS, grr…

I only went from 98 to Vista and that was enough for me! ;D

Now busy with Mint 13KDE (and doing my best to persuade others…) :wink:

I think they should bring back the floppy disc, they were ace, the clunky sound is remembered fondly. Haha :slight_smile:

I think they should bring back the floppy disc, they were ace, the clunky sound is remembered fondly.

I think they should bring back hanging but they’re not likely to do that


Remember had to use a floppy start-up disk to start installation of Win 98.

Was it that long ago…?. ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:


Agreed - and dot matrix printers!! lol

And the abacus ?