Did I mention how much I hate Win8 ?

Nah, they make a crap noise :smiley:

Beats me too.
The first PC I built had an old 386 chip 450MB HDD (biggest you could get at the time) and 2MB ram.
Installed Windows entirely from floppy before adding a dvd drive and routing a cable all the way across the living room so we could watch films on the big (20") screen.
The first film we bought was Starship Troopers and you had to turn the disc over half way through the film.
Ahh, happy days.

Agreed - and dot matrix printers!! lol

I’ve still got one of them, I used it up until recently when the ribbon needed replaced, it was a great printer, they don’t make em like they used to :slight_smile:

Speaking of old electronics, I was bidding on an old BBC B Micro Computer like this one


My primary school had one (singular) of these for the whole school to use out in the corridor. You couldn’t do a lot on it but it brings back some memories lol.

I think there will be a LOT of people who disagree with this statement:-

You couldn't do a lot on it

You do realise the first 3D space sim was written on and for the BBC Micro:


I started “Computing” on an Elliot 803 - actually, an 803B from re-reading this:-

It had 8K of main store!!!

Now you see why I ::slight_smile: at such figures as the 3.7Gb “upgrade” - no wonder M$ are struggling…

Many years later, and I wrote a complier for the BBC B - what a phenominal piece of kit that was - they appeared quite expensive at the time, but WOW, compared with just about everything else, they really were superb…

Jeez Sim, you’ve been at this longer than me :o

Quite possibly my friend, but, now my memory is failing… which is why I ask for your help as much as I do!!

Thanks again, by the way :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

As always you’re more than welcome :slight_smile: