Disability Help

We need your help, so all you Linux people out there that may know of or could suggest of any software that would help or assist the Partially sighted and or Blind persons to use a PC or even add-ons to the Browsers for Firefox (bearing in mind the update to 57) and Chromium and Google Chrome. We will mainly be using Linux Mint Cinnamon all on 64 bit PC or some laptops. You may be a developer who would like to test some software for our needs well I find someone to test this for you.
But you must remember that it cannot be complicated it’s for new users with additional issues just remember the first time you use Linux and how you throw your dummy out out because you couldn’t get it to work.

help or assist the Partially sighted and or Blind persons

Claus Knopper, who made Knoppix, also made Adriane for his girlfriend who was partially sighted or blind.


Wow this is well loaded and it’s fast too, I like this OS very much other people should take a look at this but kinder hoping for a little bit easier to use. Bit thanks for your help very much appreciated.

Another possibility is Vinux a dedicated distro.

Then there are the mainstream distros that might need to be customized.

You might look at 8 accessible Linux distributions to try | Opensource.com . (Sonar has been discontinued…)