DO I have to or not?

Do I still have to install suPHP? or it’s fine if I won’t?
what is it for by the way?

Is this a fault or a generic question?

Could you give some more details as to why you require suPHP.

Taken from the website suPHP is described as;

suPHP is a tool for executing PHP scripts with the permissions of their owners

oh… what I mean is that should I still include suPHP to install when configuring
the LAMP server? is it essential for the LAMP server?

Not essential … but I suppose it depends on what for and why you’re installing the LAMP stack.

If tasksel is suggesting it … I’d accept it.

But your question is unanswerable without knowing what your goals are ???

Is this a continuation of this post or a completely new fault/question/request?

If it is a continuation it may have been less confusing to stick to the same topic. If it is genuinely a new topic could you provide some more information. As Mark says we can’t really help unless we know what you are trying to achieve.

Ok, my goal is to make a local hosting server using the LAMP server, as installations were required I came to the last part about suPHP but, before this I can already execute PHP codes without it, so I just wanna know if this is required or it just depends?.. this was about the link you gave me Mark on my last post yesterday…

is it required for PHP to work or not? just this…

shPHP is used to allow you to run shell-like commands on your server. I imagine if you aren’t going to run any shell commands you won’t need it. See the website below for a list of supported commands.

Source -

I hope that answers your question.

Thanks for that glitch… Now I see what it is 8) thanks…

Not a problem.

If you need help setting it up or with any other issues let us know.