Do you think being open source = being secure/private?

Coming from Windows 10, I used to use predominantly closed source software, since that’s what was available. As such, I always had doubts about the security and privacy aspects of such software (and Win 10) in general.

After moving to Manjaro Linux, I’m using open source software only. This made me ask myself this: how secure are the programs that I am installing? I’ve made a general rule to stick with official repositories, and then if I can’t use the AUR. Since all of these programs are open source, it would make sense that people are in fact monitoring the contents of the programs, making it unlikely that the programs contain malicious code.

Hello - and welcome to the Forum.

You are very wise to stick with the official repositories if you can, and only once since using Linux have I come across an instance of possible malign intent. Which turned out to be a simple error by the repository keepers. I am sure that other Forum members will reassure you, too.

Dubious software isn’t the only route to disaster and one should take care to ensure the security of ones computer: secure (and security of) passwords being the obvious thing.


Keith is spot on, stick to the repositories and you can`t go far wrong. There are only two things I think that I veered outside for, one of these was Master PDF Editor. The other one was Jami which I just wanted to have a look at. Oh and my VPN. :slight_smile:

Yes, a good VPN can be useful, for example when hiding ones personal details from Google et al. I use ProtonMail’s VPN which is free for personal use - as is their mail. All their traffic and servers are encrypted and their service, even to non-paying users, is very good. Worth a look at.

Jami, similarly is extremely secure. Both Proton Mail and Jami are of CERN origin, I believe.