I just saw a screen shot of Emegra’s monitor with Docky on. So I thought I would give it a go. I have installed it in Mint but will also try in Peppermint. The thing is Even when I put icons onto it on reboot they disappear (mostly) leaving only 4 or 5. I can’t seem to find anywhere in settings to save configuration.
Any ideas?


Hi Toonman

The dock you saw was not Docky it was Cairo Dock, I had similar problems with Docky as your having, in short if I remember right the answer was to to drag the application icons from /usr/share/applications, but I found that irritating so installed Cairo Dock instead.


I posted a thread on this subject here

We were almost at the point of giving up when Mark (our glorious leader) found the answer

Go to page 4 #55 you’ll find the answer there but I think that would only apply to Peppermint

Good luck


Thanks Emegra. :slight_smile:
installed Cairo Dock…much better.

Much heavier too :o
cairo-dock isn’t for old low spec systems … but if your system can handle it, it’s feature rich.

BE aware - when installing either dock in Peppermint you’ll want either Peppermint 4, or to have compton installed if using Peppermint 3 (or earlier).
Peppermint versions >= 4 have a compositor out of the box … earlier versions do not, so will need something like compton installing and setting up.

Any problems … give us a shout.