Does Linux have a good set of external hard drive recovery tools


I have a MacBook and am thinking of using Bootcamp and installing Ubuntu Linux software in the hope that it may be able to read a few external hard drives that I cannot currently read using Mac and Windows 10 software. I sent off four drives and my local computer store said they tried Linux and managed to read some of the data.

Just wondered if it was worth me trying Linux as well in the hope I can get somewhere with the other drives.

Does anyone know if Linux would have any good tools or be able to read some troublesome hard drives that are not being detected or need initialising ?


Hello Mike - and welcome to the Forum.

Depends what you mean by “troublesome” drives. If the MAC and Windows won’t read them, then they might not respond too well with Linux either.
Linux is generally very good at recognising external HDDs - after plugging one in, the file manager simply displays it like any other file/directory. You can format drives easily, too.
Best thing is to install Bootcamp and try it. Have a look at system installation - Is it possible to install Ubuntu on a Mac using Bootcamp? - Ask Ubuntu. Do let us know how you get on.


[EDIT] I take it that windows is on a separate computer, so why not install Linux on that alongside Windows (or better, instead of it)?