Does .NET4 run on Linux

Can .Net4 be installed and run on a Linux OS?
If so, does it run out of the box so to speak or are there hoops to jump through to install it?

I currently own a MacBook Pro, obviously this does not allow me to use .Net. I do not want to buy a Windows machine but I would like to use .Net.

Not natively … that would be Windows only … according to this:-

it IS installable in WINE using winetricks, but is very buggy.

I thought you could use WINE on a mac ?

Thanks for the quick reply.

I had never heard of WINE until this morning, only read a reference to it before posting my question.

If my only choice (besides getting a Windows machine) is using WINE and WineTricks to install it then I might aswell try it on my Mac.

Whether or not I get it working and working satisfactorarly (i.e. not effected overly by the bugs you mention) you have answered the question definitively for which I am grateful! :smiley:

What do you want .net for ? … would Mono not fit the bill ?

Or couldn’t you run Windows as a guest OS in a VM (virtual machine) on the Mac ?

  • I’m in a job that does not require me to be a programmer (I know a little VB, but a minimal amount) but I would be able to add greater value to the organisation if could.
    It would also open up greater career prospects and a lot of jobs I come across require .Net experience
    On a more personal level I want to be able to build my own eCommerce website to sell art work my wife produces - I bought a book to learn ASP.NET to his end.

…and as my place of work is strongly Windows orientated I figured .Net would be advisable.
(Though I am beginning to suspect there may be other solutions…!)

I visited the website but I am unclear as to what Mono actually is.

I’m not a developer either, but read the Mono “about” page:

I still think either running Windows in a virtual machine, using something like Virtualbox or Parallels … or using Bootcamp to install Windows as a dual boot setup on your OS X (Intel)Mac would probably be your best bet.

Virtualbox (free):
Virtualbox tutorial for OS X here:
(though that tutorial is quite old now, it should be pretty much the same, if not exactly)

Parallels (commercial):

Mac 101: Using Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp:

I did have Windows installed on a partition on my Mac (using Parrallels) a few years ago - I did not like it, there was a reason why but I cannot remember.

I’ll look into Mono and setting up a virtual machine.


You’re most welcome :slight_smile:


This may help with Mono in OS X: