Does T-mobile internet work on Linux???


I use T-mobile internet (DONGLE) on my PC’s XP O/S without any problems but when i try to use it with Peppermint 02 it just does not work. Can you suggest any way i can get it to work?

I may later change my PC’s XP for a Linux but don’t want to be with out any internet.

PS: by Dongle i do mean a USB drive

Yes, most likely it can be made to work with Peppermint, most dongles do these days :slight_smile:

Is there a make and model number on the dongle somewhere … what are they?

Can you plug the dongle in, then open a terminal and enter:

dmesg | tail -n 25

now post the output from that command back here.

Then still in the terminal, run:

dpkg -l | grep modeswitch

and post the output.

Still in the terminal, run:


and post the output.

I’ll need the output … copy and paste that to the USB stick too if necessary.

or plug the net book into your router with an ethernet cable whilst doing it.

The output from the first command SHOULD be 25 lines long … so sommat went wrong there too.

Thanks Mark

It worked when i attached T-mobile dongle yesterday. Second time it didn’t. Maybe internet reason? Sometimes it works and sometimes not.
Not sure why.