Downgraded version of web browser of firefox mozilla

first i try to remove the current version of web browser of firefox mozilla, but i get A lot of options that related to it
so what to do?

Just uninstall firefox, that will also remove the associated installed language packs too :slight_smile:

after remove
i ask to install older version of firefox of 31.0 of 32 bit
from here

but i get this

so how to fix this?

Firefox 31 (32bit Linux) can be downloaded here:

just choose the directory for your language, then download the “firefox-31.0.tar.bz2” file contained in it.

Unpack the “firefox-31.0.tar.bz2” archive you just downloaded, by right-clicking it and selecting “extract”, then enter the unpacked directory and run the “firefox” file by clicking it.

If it says it can’t read the current profile, close firefox and run:

mv -v ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.old

then try running firefox as described above again (not from the menu).

That said, I can’t see why you’d want to downgrade firefox ?

It worked,

but it’s not solve the problem of the lag in the video, me.
It is more difficult to work with os thet based in debian like linux AntiX? from than to work with os thet based in ubuntu?
That seems to me there is a big difference between ubuntu to Debian.
from aspect of lightweight distribution to try the problem of the lags, me.