downloading linux

hi, can any one tell me how to download linux o/s via my daughters windows laptop and then install it in my desktop pc which it seems was running a dodgy copy of vista ultimate but now runs nothing !! i could really use some help.


Ok your best bet would be to go to here:

and download either the 32bit or 64bit LiveCD version (depending on whether you have a 64bit CPU) of Ubuntu 10.04… it will come as an ISO disk image, which you will need to burn to a CD or DVD.

Once burned to disk, boot the PC that you want to install it to from the LiveCD (you just created)… you will eventually end up at a desktop that has an icon called “Install Ubuntu”… double-click that and follow the instructions.

Easy :slight_smile:

Word of warning - Don’t insert the Ubuntu LiveCD in a PC that is already booted to Windows, as Windows will autostart the WUBI installer… if it does, just quit the WUBI installer… WUBI installs Ubuntu to a folder on the Windows drive, which is NOT the proper way to install Linux and undermines Linux security, allowing Windows Viruses/Malware read/write access to the Linux OS… not a great idea :wink:

The LiveCD is a fully working distribution (running from the CDROM) which will allow you to backup any files you need from the Windows drive before installing… if you need to.
Assuming you don’t mind the installer deleting everything on the drive, when you get to the part that ask you about disk partitioning, just tell it to use the whole drive.

There are MANY other Linux distributions, incuding -
Linux Mint:



for a full list check here:

The choice is yours :slight_smile: … but for a first timer, I’d suggest you stick to Ubuntu or Linux Mint, if for no other reason than you will find support easier to find.

One note though, there have been a few (mainly hardware compatibility) issues with 10.04 (lucid)… but I would still say try it first as it’s a long term support release, if you can boot to a desktop from the LiveCD, you will probably be OK with it… At the moment we are advising against UPGRADING from 9.10 to 10.04, but as you are starting from scratch, try 10.04 first… any problems, you can always get 9.10 (karmic).

BTW, if you don’t have a CD/DVD drive, you can create a LiveUSB stick and install from that.

U can also get ubuntu 10.04 on cd. A pc mag in the UK has it. Saw it yesterday in my local shop.

Or you can go to;

And Ubuntu will send you one for free … albeit they may not be that quick … :wink:

If you mean Linux Format, from what I’ve read on their forum they are now using “Eco” disks for their coverdisks, which seem to be giving a few people problems… they will replace them if they do, but it’s all extra time.

I’m not trying to put anyone off Linux Format, I’m just saying be aware of the eco-disk/Drive compatibility problems.