DraftSight 2015 (Solved)

I have downloaded DraftSight 2015 in a .deb package.
Should I install it by double clicking on it ?

If you’re using Ubuntu/Mint/Peppermint … YES.

Thanks Mark.
I removed the 32 bit installation and have installed the 64 bit. :wink:

No worries, happy you figured it out :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
In an earlier post I was told how to remove a programme and install a different version.
I used Synaptic to completely remove DraftSight 32 bit, and then double clicked on the new 64 bit .deb package. :slight_smile: et voila, a new me :wink:
I feel so good I need a lie down ::slight_smile:
Don W

Take deep breaths, thee giddy feeling will pass … but from then on you’re going to be looking for the next ‘hit’ :wink: