Hi i am new too Linux when i tried to install something this message came up .the driver of the the file system filter manager is not running as i said i am new too this any help would be gratefull thank you.

What were you trying to install ?

And on which Linux distro/version ?

You PM’d me that the software was AVG and Ccleaner…

Ccleaner is Windows software, so can I assume BOTH peices of software are the Windows versions ?

You cannot run Windows software natively in Linux … there is a version of AVG for Linux, but IMHO it’s unnecessary on anything but a Linux server that’s servicing Windows clients … in fact AV software might be more of an attack vector in its own right under Linux (because it would require elevated privileges to work) than a benefit.

Ccleaner is WINDOWS ONLY … it’d be hard for it to (amongst other things) clean out the Windows registry on a system that doesn’t have one :wink:
(again there is little to no need for this kind of software under Linux).

CC cleaner I guess can work on Linux also. Correct me if I am wrong?

Nope, CCleaner is a Windows ONLY application … there are a few Linux alternatives, such as BleachBit and Stacer, but they’re not really necessary and can do real damage if you’re not aware of how Linux file systems work so I generally don’t recommend them.

Can you clear it what are you exactly trying to install ?? As your question is really vague right now.