Dual boot question

it's rarely the partitioner that gets it wrong .. it's nearly always human error

That’s probably true but the problem I find with that partitioner (“something else” ) is that’s it’s easy to make an error and errors at that level can be catastrophic and not easily undone so if you’re anything like me and excel at error or unless your 100% sure you’ve set the partitioner up right pull the plug on the Windows drive

Why risk disaster when it can be so easily avoided


If you’ve no Windows recovery disk I agree.

The downside is without playing with the partitioner, how do you ever get to the stage where you’re not frightened by it :wink:

If ypur not happy playing with repartitioning et al or dont want to risk ypur windows drive at all but want to give linux a fair go then I woild also suggest downloading the Windows version of unetbootin (google it) this will facilitate the download of an image of Ubuntu and srick it on a usb stick which even allows you to have some file space on it. When you boot your pc you just hit whatever your key is to select boot device and boot from the stick when you want to biit into linux or keave to boit into wibdows as normal.

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Yeah, USB sticks can have persistance, so a big stick is almost as good as an install in some ways. It is a LOT slower to boot & action though (USB3 is a must if your rig supports it) - I couldn’t cope, it would drive me nuts.

Technically, you CAN install to a USB stick instead of a HDD, but it’s not recommended and kills USB sticks a lot quicker than normal

Does Unetbootin do persistence now ?

There’s a limit to the size of persistence file … a LiveUSB has to be formatted FAT32 so you can only have a 4GB persistence file.

There are ways around this, but no easily. (easy as in a tool for doing it for you)

I was just thinking it would give breathing space until hardware/software allows full switch to linux. 4gb is still a fair bit of space for testing the waters

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted - Aesop