dual boot/virtual box/new laptop

Hi Everyone, hope you won’t mind the question.

I’m doing a PhD and have to use the programme STACKS (cresko) + others for analysing genetic data.

I’ve had a bit of a muckaround using Ubuntu on a USB, but now need to start understanding linux properly.

I have three options it seems (may be wrong)

  1. dual booting
  2. Use virtual box on my windows laptop
  3. Get a laptop with Linix installed

This genetic analysis is the major part of my genetic analysis.

SO…are options 1/2 above appropriate or would I be better off getting a dedicated Linux laptop. If answer 3, could someone advise on what basic system spec I might need.

Many thanks to you all

Yes both 1 and 2 are options …

a virtual machine would be easiest to set up (and remove later) but may be a bit slower than dual booting.

Setting up a dual boot system, whilst faster and easier on system resources, also entails resizing your current Windows partition … which carries a small (but mentionable) risk of corrupting Windows … this is extremely rare but I thought I’d mention it.

Other options are

a) Run Linux from a persistent USB stick.
b) run Linux from an external hard drive.

If you have any questions, just ask :wink:

I’d recommend the way I got into Linux all those years ago - option 2, until you settle on a distro, then plan for option 1 or 3 (no rush!)
Ubuntu is only one dish on a giant Linux menu :wink: