Dual Booting

At last I have managed to install Ubuntu 10.10 onto a it’s own dedicated 500 gig internal hard drive ( it’s taken a long time entirely due to my lack of knowledge ).
I now have “Windows XP Home” on the “C” Drive and “Ubuntu 10.10” on what was the “E” Drive.
However at the moment I have to change the Primary Drive setting in BIOS to change between the two operating Systems.
I understand that there is a way of setting the Bootloader such that it asks which O/S you want when booting.
Can someone please advise me how to do this. ( In simplistic terms. Please )

Any advise would be gratefully received. :slight_smile:

Set thhe Ubuntu drive as the primary boot device in the BIOS… boot to Ubuntu… open a terminal, and enter:

sudo update-grub

Grub should find the Windows OS, and add it to the boot menu.