Duale Boot with Win98 on old laptop (solved)

Strange but it seems the only way that I will get some old DOS based games to run well is to go back to Win98 I know the games run on Win98 OK.

The problem is that Win98 can not see the Fat 32 partition on the hard drive and says I need to install a MS-DOS boot partition. fdisk reports that I all ready have one.

Any clues would be welcome.

I have sorted it after lots of looking on line. I used a Win95 boot disk to remove all partitions and create a new one and formate it.

I than used a Win98 boot disk to start the Win 98 install then I will put the linux back on the computer.

Very strange … I would have expected 95 to have had the problem with FAT32 not 98, but there you go :slight_smile: