Dukto LAN File Transfer Tool - transfer files between different OS's on your LAN

First let me say I haven’t tried this … I just thought it was interesting, so figured I’d mention it…

Dukto LAN File Transfer Tool … run it on any machine on your local network (Linux/Windows/OS X) and any other machine running it will immediately be visible allowing you to transfer files between them (no network configuration necessary).
Transferred files will automatically be saved in your home folder, but that location can be changed in the Dukto settings.

It also allows easy transfer of text snippets … so its easy to send someone say a URL.

More info (including links to .deb / .rpm packages) here:

Homepage (including Linux, Windows, Windows portable, and OS X installers) here:

Not bad, although the first comment highlights an issue - if your network is compromised, it’s a bit of an open door to the whole thing.
Would be a useful tool for convenience though, providing you only ran it as-and-when you needed it, rather than have it running on boot or something

Which comment ?

I’d hope it would only allow you to INITIATE a file transfer, not allow full browsable access ?


But really you could say the same thing about samba (or any other networking protocol) … if the network is compromised…

But yeah, I mentioned it more as an easy way to achieve the occasional file transfer for beginners, not so much a permanent networking solution :wink: