Dumped Windows...what do I do next???

Hel no.
There’s nothing more fun than playing with different OS’s.
I run Ubuntu and Mint at home, XP at work and even an old Win 3.1 interface for one application. Just recently I have also been reliving my youth with a BBC B+.
I even can’t help playing with my Android Phone, currently switching between 6 different launchers all overlaid with unity on the right and GYF on the left.

Am I a bit 'sad' for getting excited about messing about with my lovely new OS???

Yes :slight_smile:

Don’t listen to the grumpy old Scotsman … we all get excited about Linux or we wouldn’t be here :wink:

Besides, isn’t “geek” the new “chique” ?

If it is Mark it’ll be the first time in my life I have ever been fashionable.

Don't listen to the grumpy old Scotsman

Hey less of the old if you dont mind ;D

Bye the way what’s happened to the wee Cornish guy with the funny hat ?

@ hampshirelass

Please don’t take me seriously I don’t really think your sad, if you are then that would makes two of us :slight_smile:


Who Vivi ? … He’s changed hat and acquired a staff :slight_smile:


Who says “you can’t get the staff these days” ?

Oh dear…don’t know what I did wrong…I used my disc to boot and it just brought me back here…lol

No sign of partitions and wot not…the up side is my pooter didn’t explode and I can’t see any smoke

Erm, now I’m confused … is there an icon on the desktop that called “Install Ubuntu” ?

Panic over…I wish I knew what I had just done…I would be able to show someone else.

I followed the instructions on the posted bloggy thing…but I must have tried to boot Ubunto in a silly way the first time.

I also managed to hold a telephone conversation with my sister, talking about my mum and Alzheimer’s at the same time…I must pay attention in future

mark can i borrow your avatar for my log on at the school i help out ( the use donated laptops running zorinos education ) please


Feel free :slight_smile:

thank you :slight_smile: