DVD Drive problem after running Mint from disc

I am about to inherit a five year old Dell XP laptop and plan to install Mint 15 on it. I thought I’d get some practice in on my own laptop, and burnt myself a Mint disc, after making sure the checksum was in order. I didn’t install Mint 15, just worked from the disc The Mint session worked well, I ended it, then ejected the disc. Now, back in Win7, the DVD drive will not accept any discs. I have a Dell Studio 1747, when I try to insert a disc, i feel a counter pressure and the disc will not slide home. What have I done, and how do I fix it, please?


Hi, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

has the optical drive got a drawer, or is it one of those slot types ?

It’s the slot type - you post the disc in like a letter.

I’m sorry to say there’s not much you can do about it (besides taking it apart) … this is NOT related to running Linux … Linux sends the same commands to the optical drive as Windows does.

I supposy yo could try manually sending it the “eject” command, and see if anything changes.

In Windows, right click on the drive and select “Eject”.

No point in mentioning how to do it in Linux as you haven’t got it installed yet have you ?

A coincidental drive failure seems to be likely, I guess. There isn’t a disc in the drive - it ejected my Linux disc perfectly - it just won’t let me put in back in! This in a week when I’ve already fitted a new keyboard, and the display has developed a broad white stripe down it!

Yeh I was just hoping that sending it the “eject” signal might cause the mechanism to unlock … long shot though :frowning:

I’m grateful for your help - think I’ll just get a new external drive from Dabs - it’s a quarter of the price of fixing the one installed in the computer, and it will have other uses. I’ll be around with more questions!

No problem :slight_smile: … sorry it couldn’t be (easily) fixed, but those slot jobbies are a PITA anyway … as most Mac users will testify.