Editing image metadata

Hi Guys

Does anyone have a good way to edit date/time metadata in image files namely jpegs

Recently i scanned a load of old slide film & negatives and added them to my Shotwell library and obviously the date/time of these images are listed as per the date they scanned not the date they were taken so I need a way of editing the metadata for date/time so they list properly in Shotwell, the first way I tried was with Phatch which can time shift images but that proved unsuccessful with certain batches (something about tags not being set whatever that means) Shotwell has the capability to set date & time but all too often would freeze during a reset and wipe the file, Darktable can show metadata but only edit limited data (date/time not included)in spite of all the searching I’ve done I can’t find a utility dedicated to editing image metadata other than exiv2 which is a command line tool and I’m not a command line tool guy by any stretch of the imagination

So does anyone konw of any application that can edit image metadata safely and easily or suggest a better way to do this

Many thanks


phatch allows you to view and edit EXIF info

phatch should be in your repos:

sudo apt-get install phatch

I already have phatch installed I used it to batch invert the scanned negatives but as i pointed out in my post it’s having problems with batch timeshift on some files and as a result wiping images it cant convert


which distro/version/architecture ?

Peppermint 5 64 bit

Try XnViewMP

Direct download links:-



Once installed, fire it up from
menu > Graphics > XnView Multi Platform

choose a picture, then go to
Tools > Metadata > Edit IPTC/XMP…
(or right-click an image and select edit metadata)


Another option might be mapivi:
don’t download it from that link … it’s in the repos :wink:

It might do the job, but damn it’s an ugly UI :o

Xnview is perfect it’s an application I’ve been looking for since switching to Linux 4 years ago in fact when i first thought about moving to Linux Xnview was one of a few applications I had on my “must have” list as i used it exclusively in Windows but it wasn’t available for Linux back then, I looked for it again only yesterday hoping it was ported but I couldn’t find anything

God knows where you find this stuff Anyway i’ll dig into xnview to see if it can do what I want

Many thanks


I think the MP version is missing some of the image editing tools that the non-MP Windows version has … but then it has a few things that version doesn’t, so I suppose it depends on what you use it for.

It’s impossible for me to make a direct comparison … I never tried the Windows version :o

Well I can see it replacing Shotwell, although I suspect xnview is proprietary but to be honest Shotwell has been giving me serious grief recently, that said I like the way Shotwell works I just wish it would do what it says on the tin