eee pc notebook needs drivers

I can’t seem to get drivers for my Linux System notebook. I want to connect my Lexmark 1200 series printer to it and my SEAL Record Deck so I can download my records. Many Thanks for any help received

We’re going to need more information than you have supplied… can you tell us:

1) Which Linux distribution/version you are using… if unsure, you can usually find this out by opening a terminal and entering:

cat /etc/*release


cat /etc/version


cat /etc/issue

(I’m looking for something like Ubuntu 10.10, or Fedora 13, or any useful info that might let us know)

2) The exact make/model of your printer, such as “Lexmark Optra Color 1200”

3) Some more info about your “SEAL Record Deck”, as I can’t find any info about it on the web… if it’s a USB turntable, plug it in then open a terminal and enter:


hit enter, and post back the output.

Can you also unplug the “SEAL Record Deck”, wait a few seconds then plug it back in… then in a terminal enter:

dmesg | tail

hit enter, and post back the output.

The model number of your eeePC wouldn’t hurt either :slight_smile: