"Elderly" Sony VAIO Intel core 2 duo

I have run XP from new. for Sage and MS office no problems at all. I am now retired but now it seems that I need a computer for just about everything.

As the National Lottery runs Linux on the shop terminals I thought I would try it out. cutting to the chase what version of Linux is there that will run on my old laptop.

Hi Offa

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Could tell us a little more about your laptop ie make/model ram cpu etc and also what you use it for and what programs you want to use ?


Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

I run Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on my ageing HP core2duo machine… and I have been very very pleased with it as an OS. I have had no real problems at all - in fact the only issue was getting a brother printer to work, which a very kind member on here sorted for us.

10.04 LTS ( Long Term Support ) will be supported until april next year at the earliest, but even afterwards, will be far and away more secure than XP ever was, supported or not - I, for one, will be running it long after April.

I did try the “newer” Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, but found the new desktop environment “unity” truly appaling, and because I am disabled, well, I will just say it is unsuitable for me, and leave the rant for another time.

There are also other linux flavours which you might like, some of which are light on system resources, such as Peppermint, Lubuntu and quite a few others… I tried Peppermint, but got some really weird graphics corruption, and didn’t have the time to sort it out… so went back to Ubuntu 10.04; which sort of highlights one of the great things about linux - it is easy to try a few, without getting bogged down too much…

As Graham said above, post up more details of your machine… and folk on here will be glad to help…


RAM is the most important factor - how much does it have?