Electronic Arts to talk at Ubuntu Developer Summit

Electronic Arts (EA), the largest game developers on the planet are to talk at the Ubuntu developer summit today (7th May 2012) … I wonder what they’re there for … hopefully it can only be good news for Linux gaming :slight_smile:

First Desura, then a native Steam client announced, and now EA talking at the Ubuntu developer summit … gaming on Linux appears to be gathering steam (pun intended) pretty quickly now.

See here:

Already seen this 3 days ago on OMG! Ubuntu!. This could finally be the nail in the coffin that proves Linux is just as good/better than Windows as a gaming platform. So far this year, Linux has had a LOT of good things going for it. I’m hoping that trend will continue.

I’m hoping this is the gateway we need to attract other game developers from co-operate companies like Ubisoft, and THQ.

Not to pour cold water on all this excitement but…
1. Steam for Linux has yet to be announced by Valve themselves (AFAIK) and while it looks like they have some significant progress in that direction…This is Valve, they won’t release until they are completely happy, just look at the Half-life series for how long that can take.
2. EA do not have a good reputation in PC gaming atm, indeed were voted worst company in the US recently. This seems to be as a result of some horrific customer service stuff, such as being banned from all (including single player) your Origin games for offenses on the Origin forums, including some where it seems that merely quoting another can get you banned.

But things are looking up for gaming on Linux as a whole. EA are, as you say a big company and if they are taking it seriously then hopefully other publishers and developers will too.



And IIRC Valves CEO Gabe Newell has been showing a working Linux client to Phoronix and others … it’s all over the web.

Granted (as Kirrus once pointed out) development doesn’t ensure a release, but one hell of a cruel hoax by Valves CEO if it’s not real :wink:

Oh i don’t doubt that they are working on it, just that from what i’ve seen all the hype has come from the one source, Phoronix, so quite how ready it is can be questioned. Then Valve time kicks in…

There have been rumors of steam for linux for quite some time, IIRC sometime last winter there was an advert for a linux job at Valve, just no clues as to what that job was, cue everyone crying that they were producing a linux version.

Ultimately I won’t believe until they release it, but will keep hoping it will be soon. Which, owing to the unusual practice at Valve may be quite some time. See this http://newcdn.flamehaus.com/Valve_Handbook_LowRes.pdf for a sort of explanation of how they function…ok i was just look for an excuse to post that by the end of this post…

I’d say its release is pretty much guaranteed now, your CEO doesn’t start showing things off if it’s not an intention to release.

Yup, it’s all coming from Phoronix, but unlike previous “rumours”, this is them saying they’ve seen it, in the flesh, and were invited to see it by Valves CEO … I seriously doubt they’d make that up.

But yeh, you can’t be sure ANYTHING will be released till it is … and yes, there’s the issue of “Valve time” being similar in nature to “Microsoft time” in that it doesn’t seem to have any correlation with “real time” :slight_smile:

Jeez … that PDF takes forever to load … was that your point, or just a funny as hell coincidence :slight_smile:

Uhh intentional…

No its just a coincidence i’m afraid, just a cool look into the internal working of the company. :smiley:

Ahh … I thought it was a comment on “Valve time”, whereas if it were “Microsoft time” it would have opened the first couple of pages really quickly, then slowed down to a crawl for the majority, then speeded up again for the last couple of pages :slight_smile:

I’ll give it a read … cheers.

Hmm … all very Utopian, and it all sounds very nice … but not only don’t I believe a word of it, but I’m fairly sure a work environment without ANY form of leadership would soon break down into a bunch of people sqaubbling and pulling in different directions.

All sounds very new age, and would be wonderful if it worked … but I seriously doubt if a system like that could work much beyond 3 or 4 people.

But if I’m wrong, and it does work that way … where do you apply :slight_smile:

EA doesn’t have the best of rep atm, and no wonder. They release HALF a game, and then make you pay for the other have as DLC. (Downloadable Content)

Just look at the Need For Speed series. That has been getting worse ever since Need For Speed Underground 2. I was hoping that Shift 2 would finally bring back the excitement and enjoyment of Underground 2, but sadly it didn’t.

Whats more is, they pulled a dick of a move with car licenses. They bought an entire Porsche license and won’t let ANY developer have access to it.

That being said, Turn 10 (Microsoft funded Gaming Developer oF Forza Motorsport & Project Gotham Racing) have begged & begged EA for the license since Porsche’s have been with Forza since Forza 1. When they were making Forza 4 EA pulled the plug and said both Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo developers) & Turn 10 couldn’t have Porsche’s because they thought they’d get a bigger customer base if they had the Porsche’s.


Turn 10 got a ton of complaints from everyone in the community that having no Porsche’s was ridiculous, and that the RUF’s (Porsche Tuner) weren’t good enough.

Gran Turismo has yet to have Porsche’s, but Turn 10 announced 2 months that they finally got a sub-license for the Porsche’s and that all the Porsche’s will be put in the game as DLC this month (May).

If you ask me, EA is a c**t of a company, but I guess all press is good right?

Oh for christ sake … is this an age thing ? … this sounds stupider than software copyright/patents.

Software you must have, but who gives a flying f**k if the car in a game is a Porsche or a Borsche with a slightly different badge.

Of course, now EA (or someone else) will do the same thing with other makes because it’s been proven to work and make you pay for more downloadable content … jeez sado complaining gamers, you’ve done yourselves a big favour there (sarcasm) … idiots.

Lol! I’m one of those gamers. :frowning: Only I don’t bitch and complain. I remember there was no such thing as DLC. You got what you paid for and that was that.

It’s mainly stupid little 12 year old kids now.

This is the reason why I stick to iRacing. Paid subscription every year, most realistic physics model EVER. Perfect for practicing for track days, etc. Plus you can win money, PC’s and a ton of other things. :slight_smile: