Email and Seamonkey


Debian Lenny, desktop.

I just made the mistake of upgrading Seamonkey only to find that my email, although it is still there is inaccessible! Seamonkey is insisting on setting up email from scratch. Any advice on how to back out of this or a fix.

Thanks in advance,

Was this an upgrade from Seamonkey 1 to Seamonkey 2 ?

If it was… see here for info on profile migration:
(personally I’d backup the WHOLE profile directory first, or even the whole ~/.mozilla directory)

If not… It may be a corrupt prefs.js file in you profile folder… see if there is a backup with a name similar to prefs-1.js … if so, first make a copy of that and put it somewhere safe, then rename prefs-1.js to prefs.js
(personally I’d backup the WHOLE profile directory, or even the whole ~/.mozilla directory before making any changes)

WARNING - Make sure Seamonkey is NOT running when making these changes.

Your profile directory should be somewhere in ~/.mozilla

You might also want to see if the correct profile is selected in the profile manager… to start the profile manager:

seamonkey -profilemanager -no-remote

See here:

Something else you could try… would be to backup your WHOLE profile directory, or even the whole ~/.mozilla directory, then uninstall Seamonkey… Reinstall the old version of Seamonkey, but before starting it for the first time, replace the backed up profile (or ~/.mozilla) directory (keeping a backup too, just in case)… THEN start Seamonkey (and if necessary, use the profile manager to select your profile).

Thank you for your reply and advice. Sorry for the delay in responding.

The successful remedy was:

Back up the .mozilla directory
cd to .mozilla/seamonkey//Mail
find and delete all files with .msf extension - taking care not to delete any other files/directories

run seamonkey.

I hope this is of help to anyone with similar difficulties.


Thanks for the update, and working fix… as you say, it’s bound to help someone else :slight_smile: