Email not working on alias domains

Hi all,

Firstly, I should point out that I’m not Linux systems admin by trade, I’m a web developer / designer but unfortunately I’ve been landed with managing our company server…hope someone can help.

I have primary domain (for example i also have and and both both are aliases of the .com address. Both point to and load .com address but when mail is send through the alias domains i get the error '553 sorry, that domain isn’t on my list of allowed rcpthosts; not valid cert for gateway (#5.7.1)

Any ideas? the OS is CentOs 5 and I have plesk as my control panel

thanks in advance


You should look for an option to ‘alias’ or ‘forward’ email sent to the other domains to the primary domain. Most email system control panels will let you pass email on.

Try editing your domain alias’s in the Plesk GUI… tick the “Mail” tickbox in the Domain Alias Preferences.

See here: